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Somfy Motorization by “The Blinds Side”

Blackout Roman Shades

The world is fast moving towards automation and the blinds and shutters installed in our homes and office shouldn’t be left behind in this race of automation. The advanced features that come with these window coverings allow them to be controlled in an automated manner.

Somfy is a name to reckon with for automatic control of openings and closures in all types of settings. There are numerous online and physical stores offering window treatments with Somfy motorization feature but the best ones you can get only at The Blinds Side.

Have a look at some of the extensive features of window treatments with Somfy motorization you will find at The Blinds Side:

Cost Efficient

One of the most remarkable features of shades and shutters with Somfy motorization feature is that they are cost-efficient as compared to other types of window treatments. As these window coverings can be adjusted on different levels easily, the user has enhanced control over lighting, brightness, and heat.

A Wide Range

Somfy motorization comes with a wide range of window treatments. Hence, you can easily find the right type of window treatment that would go with the overall theme of your home or office. You can get the shades, shutters or blinds you desire with this advanced feature and uplift the décor of your home or commercial establishment up to a great extent.

Pre-Programmed Setting Features

For further convenience, Somfy motorization comes with another advanced feature i.e. pre-programmed setting. You can set different pre-programmed adjustment level of shades or shutters and they will be adjusted automatically at different times of the day. For example, you can program the shutters or blinds to be adjusted on a higher level to let the natural sunlight in. While when the sun sets, window coverings can be set to adjust automatically at lower levels for enhanced privacy.

Affordable Rates

There can be nothing better than getting branded window treatments with advanced features at affordable rates and The Blinds Side offer exactly the same. All the window treatments we sell, they are available at economical rates. Thus, you can enhance the décor and theme of your home or office by quality window treatments without disturbing your budget.


At The Blinds Side, we are known for our durable products. You can trust for highly efficient window treatments that last for a longer period of time. Those window treatments that come with Somfy motorization feature also have a long lifespan; thus, there will be no issue of incurring expenses for their repair or replacement.

In a nutshell, our blinds, shutters, and shades with Somfy motorization feature offer great convenience and enhanced comfort. They can be termed as a perfect combination of style and substance.

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