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The professionals at The Blinds Side are committed to providing you with window treatments that not only beautify and personalize your home interior, but that also deliver superior functionality, offering solutions for your every lighting and privacy concern. In some cases, this means utilizing both interior and exterior products for ideal outcomes. This is why The Blinds Side is proud to partner with SunSetter to offer custom awnings that enhance the look of your home and provide additional benefits like shade, privacy, and comfort for your home interior and exterior patio spaces.

The experienced professionals at The Blinds Side can help you to choose between manual and motorized SunSetter awnings before installing the products that are going to provide the greatest value and appeal. What can you expect when you team with The Blinds Side to find the SunSetter awnings that are right for your home?

Quality, Custom Features at Affordable Pricing

Your home décor is as unique as your personality, and you want any additions to your exterior to reflect your style sensibilities. The Blinds Side delivers with SunSetter awnings in a variety of options for color, pattern, fabric, and more.

Every product is sealed with a protective coating, features water repellent properties, and blocks 99% of harmful UVA/UVB rays, helping to keep any covered area up to 20 degrees cooler. Fabrics are 100% solution dyed to ensure that color saturates all the way through each strand for fastness and longevity. Plus, every awning comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

With so many choices, you’ll get the custom look and quality you prefer – without the high prices custom products entail. Once you’ve selected the products that suit your needs and your style sensibilities, the experienced professionals at The Blinds Side will install them so you can start enjoying your newest home upgrade.

Home Improvement Benefits

The SunSetter awnings supplied by The Blinds Side can infer incredible value. Aside from elevated curb appeal, these functional additions help to reduce direct sunlight streaming in through patio doors or large windows, reducing fading of carpeting and furniture and helping you to control your interior temperature. This, in turn, leads to greater comfort and energy savings.

SunSetter awnings also increase shade, comfort, and privacy when you enjoy your outdoor patio spaces, and these products extend and retract with ease, whether you choose manual or motorized models. For exterior window coverings that complement and enhance your interior window treatments, you can’t go wrong with the many benefits offered by SunSetter awnings from The Blinds Side.

A Trusted Partner

It’s not always easy to choose the window treatments that check off every box, meeting your functional and aesthetic needs. The experts at The Blinds Side are ready to help you select the products and features that address your every concern, followed by professional installation services, ensuring your satisfaction from start to finish.

When you’re ready to upgrade your home interior and add value, function, and appeal to your exterior with corresponding SunSetter awnings, contact The Blinds Side at 410-587-2267 or [email protected] for further information and to schedule your appointment.