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The Benefits Of Draperies Over Other Window Treatments

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The first things people think about when they try to find the perfect window treatment for their home is either shades or blinds. Both are excellent options with great cost efficiency and usefulness. That isn’t, however, the only way to go. Beyond shades, blinds and even shutters, there is another option that could work perfectly for many different varieties of spaces. Another option that people probably don’t think about as much anymore would be drapes and curtains. Drapes and curtains usually hang out a couple of inches from above the frame of the window. Held aloft by a rod and several rings, usually made from brass or some other strong metal, this type of window treatment often allows for a level of class and sophistication right from the onset, simply from the fine look they can add to a dining room or other area.

Drapes and curtains aren’t just different names for the same product. While both are fabric window dressings, they both mean different things, and can be used together on a single window or separately depending on the needs of the person and their room. Drapes are heavier, made from thicker cloth with a substantial lining in order to completely close off the room from the outside world. This heavier nature gives drapes much higher control over light, temperature and sound control. Curtains on the other hand are far lighter than drapes, and are used in situations where the total blackout of outside elements would be more detrimental to a space than beneficial. Curtains cut down on harsh glare, and shield the living space from harmful UV rays, but not to the point that drapes can. This is why drapes and curtains are often used together. Drapes can keep out the harshest light and sound, but if some natural light is wanted then the drapes can be left open and the curtains can be closed.

Custom draperies then, are simply a matter of adding style and personality to the room. The large and heavy fabric of drapes lends itself well to intricate designs and looks, matching a room’s drapes to its other furnishings becomes the big picture. Complex and exotic approaches to drapes add vintage and pizzazz to a room without sacrificing comfort and warmth. Curtains can also be customized, adding patterns to the light fabric that add the light touch to the flair of a room without being overdone or garish.

Drapes and curtains don’t just work well together or alone. Pair drapes with roman shades to add luxury and poise to a room, or curtains with wooden shutters to add that little bit of extra control over the ambiance and temperature of the space. Finding a good match between drapes, curtains and other window treatments is only a few clicks away, and keeps the room looking fresh, suave and sophisticated for years to come.