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The benefits of having plantation shutters in winter


Warmer days are just around the corner. Although the advent of spring may make you want to forget the season of winter altogether, it will come around again soon enough. And when winter does raise its icy head, you’ll want to be ready.

If you are thinking about new window treatments and are considering some that may help you with your heating costs, look no further. Plantation shutters are an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking to lower their home heating costs in the winter.

Where they come from

Plantation shutters originated in ancient Greek, but these were made of marble, not today’s modern materials. The name “plantation shutters” stems from the abundance of these types of shutters in the American South. Many fabulous historic homes in the southern part of the United States are graced with these types of shutters as they are exceptional at helping homeowners control the temperature of their homes.

What they are

Louvers, or long slats of wood, are fixed to the inside of the shutters, and these can be adjusted according to the needs of the homeowner. Plantation shutters are flexible enough to be installed in almost all types of windows, including patio doors and pass-through windows. The full-length version of plantation shutters cover the whole window but can be installed in two parts. This means that one section of the shutter can remain closed while the other is opened, allowing for even more flexibility.

How they work

Plantation shutters are key in maintaining a steady temperature inside your home, even in the winter. The louvers can be adjusted, and so the homeowner is able to modify how much or how little sun comes into a room. They also provide a range of privacy options for the homeowner.

How they help you save

Plantation shutters help reduce the amount of heat that escapes through the window glass in the winter. You pay to heat the interior of your home, but it would be foolish to heat the outside of your home, wouldn’t it? Plantation shutters provide an extra layer of defense so that the warmed air of your house does not pass directly through the window panes and into the frosty air outside (this happens most frequently with an improperly insulated window).

With plantation shutters, you can take advantage of the midday winter sun. The sun’s rays may not feel very warm when you’re outside, but having sunlight pour into your living room in the middle of January surely helps beat the winter blues away. With plantation shutters, you can choose how much light to let in while at the same time preventing heat from leaking out.

Instead of inching the thermostat up another few degrees (with dire effects to your heating bill), all you have to do is adjust your plantation shutters to make a difference in the temperature in your house. If you are interested in plantation shutters as your window treatments, contact the experienced professionals at The Blinds Side. They can help find you the perfect fit.