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The Benefits of Outside Mount Blinds and Shades

Vertical Blinds

Some blinds and shades nest inside window frames, creating a streamlined look that many homeowners and businesses appreciate.  While the aesthetic appeal is apparent, there are some potential drawbacks to an inside mount, namely the onus to get the perfect fit, as well as the possibility of light leakage around the edges.

That said, there is another option: outside mount window treatments.  There are several reasons why you might want to consider outside mouth blinds and shades.  Here are just a few benefits you’ll enjoy when you select products that exceed the perimeter of your window frames.

Standard versus Custom Products

Even if you have standard window sizes, you could have issues fitting them with inside mount blinds and shades.  In many cases, you’ll have to take precise measurements so that you can get a custom fit.  Why is this the case?

When you install inside mount window dressings, they have to fit perfectly.  If the sizing isn’t exact, you could end up with products that are just a little too big to nest inside window frames, or alternately, slightly too small, leaving significant gaps in coverage.  Neither situation is desirable, which is why custom sizing is preferable for interior mount window treatments.

You won’t have this problem when you choose products that mount on the exterior of the window.  All you have to do is take measurements and make sure you choose standard sizes that exceeds them.  Of course, you can still opt for custom sizing if you want, but you have the option to save some dough with standard sizes of products if you so choose.

Light Control

If you value the ability to strictly control the amount of natural light coming in, you’re going to prefer outside mount blinds and shades.  No matter how closely inside mount window treatments fit your frame measurements, there are going to be small slivers of light leaking around the edges.

You won’t have this problem with the right exterior mount products, which fully cover the window, and then some.  The trick is to choose the right hardware.  While a standard mount could allow light to leak through the upper portion of the window covering, you can actually hide the hardware with a covering panel to create a sleek, sophisticated look and eliminate potential light leakage.

Creating a Visual Statement

Inside mount blinds and shades are minimally obtrusive, and they allow you to show off existing window frames, which is great if your architectural style includes fancy framing.  That said, you may be interested in creating a bolder statement with your window dressings, and this is where outside mount products can really shine.

You can, for example, choose an oversized window covering to add personality or a focal point to your room, especially when you choose floor-length vertical blinds or voluminous Roman shades, for example.  You can also hide ugly windows and cover sliding glass doors more easily with outside mount blinds and shades.  In short, you can add visual interest and infuse your space with your personal style more effectively with outside mount window treatments.

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