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The Cleanest Lines; Three Sleek Shades

Woven Shades

Choosing a style with which to furnish and decorate your house can be difficult. Do you tend to stick with one style throughout your home? Or choose a different decor for each room? Possibly base each room around a feature, accenting the room to appeal to the flair that the feature already provides. There are many different approaches to home decor, and none of your choices are wrong. Rustic looks are popular, with countryside features that add an effortless appearance and feel to the room, while classic decor can bring back memories of childhood and classic chic . Then there is the modern style. Sleek, robust, with sharp silver and white lines. The features and accents of this decor compliments the room and any new appliances that are in it, with clean finishes, backgrounded by white paint and polished windows. When choosing a window treatment for this variety of home decor, there are some choices that are a clean cut above the rest.

You cannot get much more modern than cellular shades. One of the more recently conceived and invented designs of shades, cellular, also known as honeycomb, shades offer great insulation and light control. These shades scream practicality and have a very contemporary look that goes along with their usefulness. The dual layers of fabric trap in air , making homes more energy efficient, saving you money and saving the environment. The unique shape made by the layers of fabric look like a hexagonal cell, hence the names cellular and honeycomb, and provide extraordinary light and temperature control. With their ease of use and maintenance, needing only the occasional vacuum, cellular shades are not only modern in look but in their design and use as well.

If the look of the cellular shade is a little too strange for you though, there is something to be said for bringing the old school to the new millennium. Flat roman shades may not seem like the most modern approach to window treatment, considering they were invented in the time of Caesars and gladiators, but they are easy to use, streamlined and uncomplicated in their maintenance needs. Flat roman shades have so many different options, from colors and patterns that will make it easy to fit into any space and style.

Finally, there are sleek roller shades that are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Easy to install and maintain, these affordable shades offer another great choice for streamlined finishes and touches to a modern room. With hardy materials and good design, these roller shades come cordless for ease of use and look. No messy cord to get tangled up or chew on by the family pet. Just a tug to pull out or retract the shade.

All three of these shades are excellent examples of thought, quality, and craftsmanship, with sleek, clear lines that aren’t muddled by extra flair or distracting decorations. Complemented with silver decor, white furniture, and a clean coat of paint, these window treatments will accent your home beautifully.