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The do’s and don’ts of pairing shutters with curtains

Interior Design

Finding the right window treatments can upgrade the look of your home and help improve energy-efficiency. One way to help maximize the comfort level of your space is to install shutters and pair them with curtains. If you want to add a touch of style to your home, check out the tips we’ve put together that outline the dos and don’ts of pairing shutters and curtains:

Dos for Pairing Shutters and Curtains

  • Consider Style

Not all shutters are designed equally. Some open from side to side, while others fold down at the top starting from the window sash. Curtains also have the ability to open in the same ways that shutters do. You should take these factors into consideration and select curtains and shutters with similar styles.

  • Pick The Appropriate Anchor Color

Your goal when paring curtains and shutters should be to ensure that they both complement each other in terms of design style. You should start by selecting a main color for your shutters, then choose curtains with a pattern that matches the color of the anchor. For example, if you purchase dark brown shutters, select curtains that also have a dark brown background which will help complete the look.

  • Choose Contrasting Colors 

If you’re a homeowner with bolder tastes, you may want to opt for a shutter and curtain combination that stands out. Adding a brightly colored set of curtains to shutters that are stained in a neutral color, like white, will look amazing.

Dont’s for Pairing Shutters and Curtains

  • Don’t Forget To Accessorize 

Combining curtains and shutters can help you make a huge style statement.  However, don’t forget to accessorize with tiebacks.  Choose a simple fabric to create a draped effect. You can also install a metal wall mount that can be hidden behind the curtain.

  • Don’t Choose The Same Curtains Throughout The House

While it is convenient to grab several pairs of the same curtains to decorate your windows with, from a design perspective this can make your living spaces seem fragmented. Make sure that your shutters and curtains match the atmosphere you want to create in each room. Experiment with the light in the room so that you can determine which style curtains and sheers work best.

  • Don’t Pair Patterned Curtains With Brightly Colored Shutters

If you’re planning to use curtains with a pattern, it’s best that the shutters are neutral. Combining patterned curtains with brightly colored shutters can be overpowering in a room. This is especially true in a smaller room or a room that is already decorated with a lot of prints. Instead, use a neutral color shade with your patterned curtains. Knowing what colors and patterns work well together is crucial when mixing curtains and shutters.

Most homeowners view windows as an afterthought when it comes to upgrading the look of a room. However, dressing a window can help brighten up a room, create a softer ambiance, and freshen up the space. Combining curtains and shutters also helps frame and enhance your view, letting you fully enjoy every aspect of your home.