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The Hottest Trends in Window Treatments for 2018

Real Wood Shutters

Like any field of design, interior decorating goes through changes in popular trends. Each year brings a whole new slate of options for homeowners to decorate and personalize their spaces in attractive and innovative ways. Window treatments serve an important function by providing your household with a measure of privacy, but they also need to complement your overall décor and display your style sensibilities. If you’re looking for an upgrade in 2018, here are a few hot trends you’ll definitely want to consider.

Natural Materials

Modern adults spend so much time working that when we come home, we crave the soothing elements of nature. Building an outdoor oasis in your backyard can be expensive, though. The latest trends bring the outdoors in with natural elements that provide the tranquility of nature. Wooden blinds and shutters featuring authentic hardwood are a great option. If you want to take an eco-friendly approach, as well, consider composite shutters or natural drapes made from renewable resources.


The President has long let his preference for everything gold be known. The Oval Office renovations may not be as ostentatious as the penthouse at Trump Tower, but he definitely added touches of signature golden hues in the curtains, the rug, and accessories like lamps. It’s hard to say he’s a trendsetter when metallics come and go, but he proved to be ahead of the curve with his choice of window dressings when he selected bright gold drapery.

Of course, all that glitters is not gold. You can choose materials in silver, bronze, gunmetal, and increasingly-popular rose gold, as well as other metallic shades to compliment your décor and help to set the mood. A bold pop of color is always fun, but if you want a subtle, yet eye-catching look, choosing window treatments in metallic textiles or finishes will suffice. Don’t forget, you can always add metallics with visible hardware if a large swath of gleaming drapery is a bit too much.


Layers have always been an option. Plenty of homes feature a combination of heavy layers like blinds or shutters for privacy paired with drapes or sheers for added visual appeal. However, the latest trends pair layers you might not expect, like shades, for example. There are a couple of ways to go with this trend.

You could layer multiple sets of shades, such as a base layer that features blackout shades for light control and privacy, paired with sheer shade overlays for additional lighting and privacy options. Incredibly, there are also all-in-one layered shade products that offer all of the appeal and versatility of a double set of shades with even greater convenience.

Smart Home Solutions

We’re getting to the point now where the consumer marketplace expects the convenience of smart home integration, and window treatments are no exception. Luckily, there are options to explore in motorized shades that let you control your lighting and privacy remotely with the click of a button.

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