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The Inner Workings of Honeycomb Shades

Conference Room with Solar Shades

Honeycomb shades are quite different from most other varieties of window treatments that can be found on the market today. Also called cellular shades, honeycomb shades look startling different from any other type of shade, blind, or shutter. First and most obvious is that they are made with two or more layers of fabric bound together, where most other fabric based window treatments only have one. These layers are not flush with one another all the time. Pulled out to cover the window, the layers of fabric separate enough to create pockets of air. These air pockets are often shaped like hexagonal honeycomb structures, giving this shade its name. Some cellular shades come with two layers of honeycomb, for added insulation and light control, but most simply have one. Most can be found in a variety of whites, greys and tans, though other colors are possible to find. Honeycomb shades also do not have to be attached to the top of the window. They can also be attached to the bottom, and made to rise, rather than be pulled down to cover the window.

One of the best reasons to buy honeycomb shades is that they are some of the best shades for insulation. The unique cellular design of the shades creates multiple pockets of air that are trapped between the two folds of fabric, creating a barrier between the window and the rest of the room that other window treatments just can’t provide. This lining of air prevents warm air from passing out through the window during the winter months and keeps the hot air of summer days from getting into the air conditioned rooms during those really sweltering times. This can really help with bills, as an astonishing 50% of home’s heating and cooling can be lost through the windows, even if they are closed. So not only can this save money, but honeycomb shades also help lighten carbon footprints, saving the environment as well.

Honeycomb shades are capable of being fitted to large and small windows, making them a great choice for larger spaces and areas, like restaurants and offices. A restaurant facing the east coast, for example, would get great use out of the excellent light control that cellular shades provide. This design lends itself well to light control just as it doesn’t temperature control. The dual layers of fabric provide extra protection from the sun’s harsh glare in the waxing and waning hours of the day. Depending on the fabric and make of the shades, honeycomb can completely black out the sun, to only most of the outside light. Privacy will not be a problem with cellular shades either, their design making them impossible to peek through or around when properly installed.

Cellular shades are among the newer styles of window treatments to come out in recent years, but the solid work by companies like Graber, Hunter Douglas and others has made them a great choice for many rooms and spaces that need more than the average window treatments can provide. When looking for a new style to freshen up the room, help cut down on bills and help the environment, and prevent the harsh glare of the sun, look for no other than the distinctive honeycomb appeal.