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The Major Advantages of Faux Wood Shutters vs. Real Wood Shutters

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There’s no denying the beauty and luster of natural wood. There’s also no denying the price point. If money is no object, there’s no reason not to pay for genuine article, but if, like most homeowners, you’re working with a budget, it can’t hurt to consider alternatives that offer the beauty and function you want at a cost you can more easily afford.

When you start to look into the prospect of purchasing faux wood shutters, you’ll probably be surprised to learn that there are plenty of advantages to choosing this option over real wood. What do you stand to gain by going faux? Here are a few benefits every homeowner is sure to enjoy.

A Reasonable Facsimile

You might think nothing will quite measure up to the real deal, but looking at modern composite shutters you’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference. These attractive, modern wood alternatives provide the same function and aesthetic appeal as real wood along with a slew of other advantages. Whether you want the look of polished wood or a painted finish, no one will be the wiser about the material used.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

If you’re looking to cut your carbon footprint and do your part to stop deforestation, choosing faux wood shutters is a great alternative to buying natural hardwood products. Of course, it’s important to go with a trusted vendor known for sustainable materials and manufacturing techniques.

In addition, you’ll be happy to learn that composite shutters can improve the energy efficiency of your home, allowing you to adjust light, temperature, and ventilation all throughout the year so that you can cut back on heating and cooling costs and do your part for the environment along the way. Not every window treatment can offer these eco-friendly advantages.

Superior Durability

If you want the most bang for your buck, you’ll find that faux wood can hold up to conditions that would damage other products, such as heat and humidity. Composite shutters will not fade under the onslaught of the sun’s glaring rays. They won’t warp, rot, peel, or crack when subjected to steamy, moist conditions in the kitchen or bathrooms.

Made with quality materials and superior manufacturing, these composite shutters are designed to outlast other products and deliver the strength and durability modern homeowners expect and deserve.

Affordable Pricing

You don’t necessarily need to spend an arm and a leg on real hardwood shutters when there are so many composite options to explore in a lower price range, but neither do you want to go with cheap shutters that are going to fall apart. This is why you need to make sure to partner with a reliable vendor that is known for commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Convincing, faux wood shutters offer the same beauty and longevity as natural wood, along with even greater benefits that extend the usable life of the product. Plus, when used appropriately, they can save you money on your energy bills.

If you’re ready for window treatments that will not only enhance your home décor, but provide a laundry list of other advantages in the process, you can’t go wrong with faux wood shutters from The Blinds Side. Contact us today at 410-630-6940 or [email protected] to learn more.