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The Many Benefits of Commercial Solar Shades

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Whether your business is located in a predominantly sunny region or you only tend to experience extreme heat during the summer months, you probably have need of window treatments that help to protect employees and customers from the sun’s rays entering your establishments.  There are several options to choose from, including drapes, blinds, and shutters, but if dealing with intense sunshine is a primary concern when selecting window coverings, you’ll find that there are many advantages to solar shades.  What can you expect when you install commercial solar shades?

Curb Heat Transfer

The main purpose of solar shades, as opposed to the average shade, is to combat the effects of the sun streaming in through your windows, unimpeded.  While nearly any window covering has some ability to accomplish this goal, solar shades do more than just hinder the path of sunlight.  They’re designed to significantly reduce heat transfer to your interior spaces, as well.

There are different levels of openness attributed to solar shades, with corresponding percentages that relate to the amount of heat and light that can enter.  The vinyl mesh weaves of solar shades generally range from 1-10%, with 1% being the tightest weave and blocking an estimated 99% of harmful solar rays, as well as significantly reducing incoming heat.  Darker colors are better at cutting glare, while lighter colors are preferred for optimal heat reduction.  The openness factor also affects the relative opacity of the shade.

Preserve the View

One reason many commercial interests prefer solar shades is that they can deliver the best of both worlds, not only reducing glare and heat, but preserving the view.  The higher the percentage of openness factor attributed to a shade, the better the view outside.  Whereas a 1% weave is perceived as fairly dark and it can obscure the outside view, 10% openness is far lighter and more translucent, appearing more like a tint, as if you’re seeing the outside world through a pair of sunglasses.

Reduce Cooling Costs

Windows are one of the most common areas in a structure for heat transfer to occur.  Not only is glass an abominable barrier against outside temperatures to begin with, but it can actually start to seem hotter inside than out because of lack of airflow.

With solar shades that reduce incoming solar rays by up to 99%, you’ll experience significantly less fluctuation in temperature due to sunlight.  This can help to reduce your need for air conditioning, thereby curbing cooling costs without sacrificing comfort.  It also minimizes the damage that UV rays can cause, such as sunburns and fading surfaces it comes into contact with.

Add Visual Appeal

Like all window treatments, solar shades will integrate with your overall décor to create a visual impression of your commercial interior.  If there is a spectacular view outside, preserving it is probably a priority.  If not, you might prefer colored or patterned solar shades to increase visual interest and enhance your décor.  Remember, you can always pair solar shades with other window treatments for added function and appeal.

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