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The many benefits of plantation shutters in winter

Designer Roller Shades

Plantation shutters are becoming an increasingly popular choice in home décor. The classic look fits well with any style home. Plantation shutters are extremely versatile and simple to install. They are also easy to clean, which makes them a great option for allergy sufferers.

Installing these window treatments is not only a smart investment because of their practicality, but they also increase the overall value of your home.

There are additional benefits to using plantation shutters during the winter months that any smart homeowner should pay close attention to:

Plantation Shutters Help Reduce Energy Costs

Plantation shutters serve as a protective barrier between your windows and the inside of your home.

Uncovered windows or improperly installed window treatments cause your home’s heating and air conditioner to work double-time in extreme temperatures. Investing in window treatments reduces your overall energy costs, which means lower monthly utility bills. 

Retain More Heat During the Winter

When it’s chilly outside, plantation shutters can help your home retain heat. Installing plantation shutters adds an extra layer of insulation to help keep out drafty air.

Research has shown that a home can lose between 25-50% of its energy through its windows. By installing window treatments, you can help your house stay warmer and make it more energy-efficient.

Eliminate Privacy Concerns

Plantation shutters are a great option for maintaining the privacy of your home year-round. Traditional blinds only partially protect your home’s privacy since people can still see through any slats that have not been closed properly. However, plantation shutters offer total privacy when the panels closed, helping your property remain safe and secure.

You can also adjust them to ventilate a space or let in natural light without allowing others to see into your home.

Add a Little Holiday Cheer

Plantation shutters are made from durable materials, making them easy to decorate during the holiday season. You don’t have to worry about your Christmas lights and garland getting wrapped up in the cords from your blinds.

You can easily secure your decorations  without worrying  about them falling off or damaging window treatments made from more flimsy materials.

Tax Saving Advantages

Installing shutters throughout your house can have huge tax advantages for a homeowner. The IRS considers this to be a capital improvement on your property.  Once you’re ready to sell your home, you will be allowed to include the cost of your shutters in what you originally paid for the home. This reduces your taxable income in the upcoming year.


Plantation shutters can be made from many different types of materials. But regardless of which option you choose, your shutters will last for years to come. Other window coverings can be vulnerable to wear and tear overtime due to dust and temperature changes. However, because of their synthetic materials, plantation shutters are not subject to fading and cracking, which makes them a great option for rooms that get a lot of sun or that experience high levels of humidity.

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