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The Most Common Home Design Mistakes People Make with Windows

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Selecting and installing window treatments doesn’t sound particularly taxing, but you only have to live with the wrong window covering for a while to realize that making the right choices in the beginning can save you a lot of time, trouble, and money.  Here are just a few common design mistakes homeowners make when choosing window treatments.

Ignoring Existing Décor

It’s true that you can change up paint to better complement your window treatments without too much hassle or expense, but installing drapes or blinds that clash with your architecture, your flooring, or your furniture could be a much bigger problem.  If you want a pleasing home interior, you need to plan for cohesive design by considering existing elements before choosing window treatments.

Rough Measurements

Not all window treatments require precise measurements.  If you’re going to hang drapes, they can definitely exceed the dimensions of your window frame, for example.  What if your curtains are too short?  What if your inset blinds, shades, or shutters don’t fit?  You’ll have to have them remade at your own expense, and no one wants that.  Working with a company that takes precise measurements and installs window treatments on your behalf can spare you such frustrations.

Improper Scale

There’s something to be said for the drama of floor-to-ceiling drapes, but it’s always wise to be mindful of scale when installing window treatments.  For example, full drapes might lend visual weight that is necessary to ground a cavernous room, but they can be overwhelming in a smaller room.

Then, of course, there’s the issue of curtains that have no volume at all and lie flat when closed, looking awkwardly small.  An experienced professional can help you choose the type and size of window coverings to deliver the scale that perfectly complements windows in every room.

Form Over Function

This is a major mistake that you’re not likely to repeat twice.  You might think delicate sheers are ideal for an airy bedroom, right up until your eyes are pierced by streetlights as you try to sleep, or the sun goes right through them and heats up the room.  Functional goals should always take priority over aesthetic concerns, although keep in mind, you can have your sheers if you pair them with another window covering that offers greater function.

Unrealistic Budgeting

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get window treatments that offer the utility you need and the style you crave, but you do have to go into the process of adding window coverings with realistic expectations about the budget.  Don’t know where to start?  Find specialists that offer free consultations so you can get a ballpark of what this addition to your décor will cost.

Bare Windows

Sure, you like to let the sunshine in, but you’re going to regret forgoing window treatments when solar rays turn your home into an oven or you realize your life is on display like a stage play with the lights on at night.  Even if you don’t use your window coverings the majority of the time, you’ll be glad you have them when you need them, and they’ll certainly help to elevate your overall décor.

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