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The most common home design mistakes that people make with windows

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When it comes to designing a home, homeowners place a great deal of emphasis on bringing their personalities into their homes’ overall aesthetics. From finding the perfect pieces of furniture to finally deciding on a paint color, home design can be an exciting, overwhelming, fun, and tiring experience. One of the aspects of home design is the treatment of windows. Window furnishings, window placement if you are building a home, and window style can all add or detract from turning a house into a home with personality. In order to make sure that you are not neglecting your windows when designing your home, here are the most common home design mistakes that people often make with windows.

Neglecting Window Treatments

Every home has windows. For many people, the more windows, the better. Windows help bring natural light and outdoor beauty into a home. They can make a room feel larger. Unfortunately, because of the positive effects that windows have on homes, some homeowners neglect adding window treatments and leave their windows bare. Not utilizing window treatments like blinds or drapes can not only make a home’s design feel incomplete, it takes away certain options that windows offer a homeowner. Things like privacy, heat, and light are all affected when window treatments are neglected. With that being said, you do not need to purchase drapes to outfit a window. There are various treatment options available that offer privacy without the space that drapery requires.

Misplaced Window Treatments

If you have made the smart decision to apply window treatments, it is important that they are sized and placed correctly. Curtains are too great of an investment to have them improperly placed. You do not want curtains dragging on the floor, for example. Curtain rods should be placed closer to the ceiling than directly above the window trim. Further, many homeowners may assume that if a window is small or in a “splash” zone like behind a sink, treatments will only collect grime. There are specific window treatments available for windows that are behind sinks or above toilets. Window treatments offer homeowners privacy and pops of color; they are very beneficial if you opt for fully white walls as they add dimension to a space.

Blocking Windows

Windows are extensions of the home and are meant to be seen, not hidden. They offer a home many benefits and should be taken into account when you are furnishing a room. Bookcases and sofas should not block windows. Windows are sources of natural light and natural heat; as such, windows offer homeowners form and function. They complement a space and can lower utility costs in a home. Blocking windows from view disrupts some of the main purposes that windows serve.

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