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The Seasonal Shades for Summer 2021

Hotel and Resort Window Treatments

I don’t think it will be an exaggeration to say that this summer is going to be one of the most looked forward to times of year in a long while. Everyone I know is already sharing plans for what they want to do this summer, and many of the plans involve coming together and enjoying each other’s company. It’s great that so many people are being safe now, and looking towards that future. I plan to hit the beach every chance I can get, to tell you the truth, and I know many others who plan the same. I have also been planning to redecorate my house for a while now, and with that in mind, I think this year I want to bring summer back into my home. Some blue and tan paints will bring about sandy beaches and rolling waves, while seashell pillows will add a bit of warmth and fun to the living room. With all that in mind, I also have a few ideas for window decorations that I want to share.

When picking out new window treatments with a summer flair, there are a few things on my mind. Mainly, that these shades can be protective, against both the heat of summer and the harsh glare of the sun when needed, that they compliment my already chosen design choices, and that the shades come in great summer tones and patterns. With this criteria in mind, a few shades that I have looked at seem to fit the bill nicely already.

Stack roman shades provide a versatile and beautiful look that can be so very powerful as a feature in my refurbished living room. This design of roman shade harks back to much older uses, but just because it was used to cover the sands of the coliseum, does not mean it won’t look great with a nice sandy color to complete my beach-esque living room. Stacked roman shades look good regardless of whether they are drawn open or shut, the folds even having a bit of a wavy appearance to them that is well appreciated.

If I want a little more light protection, and a slightly smaller style of shade though, solar shades have these qualities in spades. You can get solar shades in different variants of weave tightness, which controls the amount of light filtration they have. With their flat surface, they also are one of the more elegant options to pick from. Great for that little bit of contemporary style that a themed room might need.

Of course, the last option I am thinking about is one that would work even better for a beach themed living room. Natural shades are not like the other shades on this list. With a rustic appeal and that handwoven appearance, you can get natural shades in a sandy blonde color that works perfectly to bring about thoughts and feelings of the beach. Natural shades add a flavor of beachwood to the room without losing out on the privacy and light control that solar shades offer. You can change the tightness of the weave in order to have more or less light filtration.