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The Three Best Window Treatments for Your Baby’s Bedroom

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When planning for the new addition to your family, it’s important to get everything just right. Making the space safe for your child is important, so most renovation is simply baby-proofing the house. Then there is their very own room. Nice cool colors that are soft and gentle on the baby’s eyes. Plenty of little toys and fun objects for the baby to learn from, and being quite close to your own room for easy access. A baby always takes several naps a day for at least the first few years, and it is a vital part of their development and maturation. If you plan to have a room for your child, or that they will use your room for sleeping, you will want to give them the best protection possible from harsh UV rays and the general annoyance that comes from sleeping in the middle of the day. These are some excellent, affordable, and stylish choices for protecting the sensitive eyes and sleep of your baby.

If you want light control done right, then you can’t go wrong with cellular shades. These shades are specifically designed to have some of the best light control and temperature control of all window treatments. The unique honeycomb shape of the fabric traps air in the center of the cellular rolls that make up the shade, preventing heat from moving from one side of the shade to the other, keeping your child cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. A great choice for the ergonomically inclined parent, this window treatment is manufactured top to bottom for the best light, privacy, and temperature control possible.

If you want an option that holds style a little higher though, you may want to take a look at roman shades. There are a lot of varieties of roman shades that would be perfect for a child’s first room. Flat roman shades can double as blackout shades, blocking all light and keeping the room extremely private. This style of shade can also have a fun or cute pattern printed onto it, a great addition for a child’s room. On the other hand, stacked roman shades are a versatile option, enhancing the room’s looks regardless of whether they are pulled up or let down.

It does make sense though, that you may want to go for a very simple approach for the room, focused more on a clean look and versatile performance. Solar shades are modern and sharp, concentrated on performance in light and privacy control without losing out on the attractive appeal of the crisp lines. With these shades you can choose between 1-10% openness, a measure of the tightness of the weave, and therefore how much sunlight and other outside light can filter into the room. As with these other options, solar shades can also be blackout shades, allowing no light to filter in.

Each of these choices offers something for the new addition to your family, a way to keep them safe and sound, providing excellent cover during their afternoon naps. Whether you choose cellular shades, roman shades or solar shades, or any of the other fantastic choices in window treatments, they all have their own advantages, in your room or your newborns.