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Three Best Window Treatments to Darken a Room

Resort Solar Shades

Looking to bring a little atmosphere, keep the light out of the living room for movie night? Or how about getting that extra hour of sleep when the sun peeks over the horizon midsummer? There are a lot of reasons to want to keep the sun’s harsh glare from interrupting your daily life, but regardless of the purpose, the best way to keep the sun out would probably be to buy blackout window treatments. What does blackout mean when it comes to shades, blinds, and curtains? Blackout is the term used to describe window treatments that completely negate and prevent any light from entering a house from the outside. This is achieved by the tightness of the weave of the fabric, which prevents light from going through the window treatment. There are a lot of different options to buy when looking for blackout window treatments.

One of the more pleasing options available among blackout shades are blackout solar shades. Easy to use, install, and maintain, these shades look good in stylish kitchens and living rooms, and come in a variety of colors. Blackout solar shades make controlling the entry of natural light into the room easy, and the simple cord allows for choosing what level the shades will be, and what amount of light and privacy will be necessary. Blackout solar shades are an excellent option for the sleek and modern home.

Cellular shades are another desirable and cutting edge choice when it comes to shades. Also known as honeycomb shades, these window treatments work by having multiple layers of fabric, which hold pockets of air to keep the house insulated when inservice. Their unique design of double layer with the distinctive hexagonal shape easily prevents the entry of natural light. Whether your goal ist to prevent the sunlight during the day in the office, or the block out streetlights from disturbing a good night’s sleep. Honeycomb shades are a clear choice to fit the latest trends and styles.

Sometimes though, a sleek look is not the preferred appearance for a room. Drapes are an option that is great for classical or traditional approaches to home décor.. Drapes are heavy fabric hung from rods over the window, and this heaviness lends itself well to keeping out light and insulating the room. An energy efficient choice, drapes are a great window treatment to pair with curtains or roman shades, preventing even more energy loss from the glass windows. A great option to have in luxurious dining rooms and bedrooms to set the mood and add ambience to the space.

A great amount of our lives is dictated by the rising and setting of the sun, but that doesn’t mean that we should be pushed around by the glare of sunlight and streetlamps. Blackout shades and drapes will help prevent early morning risings, late night bleary eyes fumbling in the dark and help set the mood for romantic dinners or movie nights. Whatever the reason, a good way to control how much light enters the house is always with blackout window treatments.