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Tips and tricks for decorating your home with wooden blinds

Roman Shades

Wooden blinds lend your living space a vintage, earthy, clean look. They are an excellent choice for window treatments because they are versatile, cost-effective, and practical. They are also great for Asian-inspired decors, but if you live in an environment that’s high in humidity, you should consider faux wood finish blinds as these will respond best to the dampness.

Here are some more tips and tricks to decorating your home with wooden blinds.

Slat size

Slat size is an important consideration because it can change certain key aspects of your wooden blinds. When considering what type of blinds you want, look at the size of your windows. You want the slats to be proportional to your window size so that extra-wide slats don’t overpower the area.

The width of the slats will also alter the blinds’ functionality. The wider the slats, the more light they will let in and the more visibility they provide when propped open.

Mix and match

If you think wooden slats would jazz up your home, think about what other kinds of woods you already have. You could choose to match your blinds to the wood finish already in your home’s decor, or you could opt for a finish that will complement your existing furnishings.

As a general rule, lighter finishes – acorn or oak – are associated with more modern, airy decors whereas darker finishes – cherry or mahogany – are used in more formal, traditional spaces.

What about white

A lot of people don’t think of white wooden blinds when they’re consulting a window treatment professional, but that’s a huge oversight. White wooden blinds go with a variety of established decors and complement a vibrant color scheme. White blinds are also great for coastal dwellings as this fresh take on wooden blinds gives off a tropical, oceanic vibe.

Soften it up

Some designers steer away from wooden blinds because their clean lines and sharp angles don’t scream cozy. However, wooden blinds’ classic, clean lines pair well with upholstered furnishings and dark wood finishes like cherry for a nuanced, lived-in look.

Don’t forget the control

Make sure to check out your new wooden blinds’ control style. Some blinds have a cordless control while others have wands. Pull cords are the most common type of control. However, you will want to match the control style to the room’s function. Cordless wooden blinds would be preferable in an infant’s or toddler’s room, for example.

What about bamboo?

Bamboo is slowly making its way into the accepted group of hardwoods, and for good reason. It is eco-friendly and sustainable, making it an excellent choice for wooden blinds. The wood is inherently light as well, both in color and weight, which makes it ideal for blinds.

In your hunt for the perfect window treatment, don’t discount the durability, versatility, and aesthetic punch of wooden blinds. Consult experts like those at The Blinds Side. They can set you up with your new fabulous window treatments. You will not be disappointed.