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Top Five Shades For The Greater Boston Area

Restaurant Window Coverings

Among window treatments, shades bring the most possibilities to variety and style. Cloth shades have been used since the time of Caesars and roman gladiatorial fights in the coliseum.  Since then, the designs have only grown, ranging from the traditional roman shades, to the modern and sleek cellular shades, and beyond. Picking through the differing styles isn’t a difficult task, and neither is finding the right one for your home. That said, you do not want to miss out on the  perfect window treatment  for your home just because you’ve never known what options are available before. Here are the top five shades for the Boston area and all New England.

You cannot go wrong with the classic roller shades in Boston. This style of shades is easy to use, easy to direct and provides optimal light and privacy control. The simple and straightforward design of roller shades offers an immortal appeal, with an almost endless number of customization options and combinations. Colors, patterns, textures and even levels of opacity are all options to think about when purchasing these great shades.

If, however, a more modern appeal is desired, then you can’t go wrong with honeycomb shades. These shades have a unique pattern of hexagonal cloth rolls, stacked on top of each other. Their particular look allows them to collapse when drawn up, making them one of the most subtle and unobtrusive styles of window treatment. Cellular shades are some of the best for insulation and temperature control, the multiple separate layers of cloth providing boundaries for light and heat.

Of course, there is old school like the roller shades, then there is old school cool, such as roman shades. These shades date as far back as being used in the roman coliseum to allow nosebleed seats a little relief from the sun. There is a timeless quality and history to these folded shades that is impossible to copy, but easy to see. Paired with another form of window treatment, roman shades add class to any suburban home or Boston apartment.

If you live near the ocean, or on top of a hill, the sun can be a real problem. Which is why solar shades are such a hot design. These shades are designed to look good and block out solar rays. You can control the tightness of the weave, allowing you to have maximum light control in the space, which can range anywhere from 1% of light getting through to 10%. These shades make excellent additions to add ambiance to a home or an on-the-water Boston restaurant.

Last, but definitely not least, let’s take a look at pleated window shades. In Boston, shades like these help suffuse a room with soft light, rather than block it out. Living rooms, dining rooms and office spaces will only benefit from a source of natural light that is never too harsh that it is glaring. The minimalist style of these shades add grace and elegance to your rooms, with durable and easy to clean designs.

Window treatments aren’t only meant to make your house look good. They can help control light and temperature, providing insulation against the heat of summer and chill of winter. Elegance and luxury, at affordable prices. Boston shades can change the dynamic of your living room, breathe life into an office space, or create a romantic atmosphere in a beachfront restaurant.