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Two Great Shades to Furbish A Boston Apartment

Commercial Window Coverings

Most people living in the United States now will live or have lived in an apartment complex. They can be expansive and well-maintained, or a fixer-upper, needing a little love and care. What’s important though, is that the apartment is yours. It may not always have been, it may be only a temporary living space before moving on or moving out. That doesn’t mean though, that you shouldn’t take the chance to give the apartment your own personal touch. Decorating a new space is a great way to help with feeling more at home in a place, making it your own. Adding your own color, your choice in furniture and other personal touches is a way to connect with the space. For example, adding in a new set of shades to give the room some light filtration and clean up the look.

As for personalizing shades, there are many designs of window treatments easier to personalize than the roller shade. This variety of shade is a single flat layer of fabric that is rolled up and down the window to block out light and ensure privacy. The shade can be different strengths of weave to allow more or less light in, with a tighter weave allowing less light to shine through, while a tighter weave blocks more light. Roller shades are also one of the most customizable shades available. Not only is there a diverse range of colors and materials to choose from for the fabric itself, but the flat surface allows for a variety of designs and patterns to be displayed on the front of the window treatment. Choosing a floral print pattern to bring the beauty and warmth of a garden, or take on a waving ocean design to complement a sand and surf approach to the space.

That said, living in an apartment, especially if it’s the first time, is often a matter of budgeting and saving, and what better way to save than to practically cut heating bills in half. When we try to heat our homes in the winter, or cool them in the summer, the thin glass does not provide adequate insulation to keep the heat on one side. Cellular shades solve this problem quite nicely though. The unique dual layered cell roll design is meant to trap air and keep heat from passing through the windows, cutting down on heavy A/C bills. Using these window treatments will keep the house insulated against the cold, keep the hot air out in the summer, and look good while doing it.

Whether you want to explore the practical option of the cellular shade, or the customizable window treatment of the roller shade, either choice is affordable and easy to maintain and clean. To clean either is a simple matter of a quick vacuum to both sides and a soft brushing with a mild detergent. This is a matter of personal choice and preference, on how you plan to live out whatever time you will have with your new home in Boston.