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West Roxbury Blinds

Solar Shades for Living Room

It wasn’t that long ago when thick, heavy curtains were the go-to interior window accoutrement. These imposing textiles hung improbably from straining rods and adorned rooms in various shades of dark colors, while collecting all manner of dust and other household debris. They were great at sealing off the outside world but they didn’t have a lot of visual or functional appeal.

Homeowners and commercial spaces today have a more inviting array of window treatment choices to block damaging UV light, regulate solar heat, adjust ambient light levels, and provide privacy to suit individual tastes. Modern choices of blinds, for example, offer the latest in energy efficiency, durability, and overall comfort of occupants.

Be elegant with West Roxbury blinds

Modern lineups of home and commercial blinds include a diverse range of functional and elegant products that instantly add charm, sophistication, authenticity, or a streamlined look. The versatility of West Roxbury blinds makes them ideal for historic homes or more contemporary designs, with a nearly unlimited selection of colors and styles to match the particular personality of any room.

West Roxbury blinds are available in several product forms as well. Wood blinds are a great choice for the natural warmth, quality, and durability of real wood; with timeless style. Faux wood blinds offer a very similar look to genuine wood, with an affordable price point and incredibly strong material construction. Faux wood is perfect for high-humidity places like bathrooms or laundry areas.

Vertical blinds are another popular choice for floor-to-ceiling coverage or related large window spaces. They look great, provide full sun protection when needed, and offer all the privacy you need.


Closely related to blinds are window shades, very popular for their versatility and function. Many modern shades are constructed with built-in UV protection and energy efficiency to combine comfort with home energy savings.

Some of the most well-known industry names offer high quality products infused with sustainability processes, automation, and matching textiles.


With eons of history behind them, shutters remain a wildly popular choice for residential exterior and interior designs. In addition to their core purpose of protecting windows and inhabitants, shutters add a distinctive look in an enormous range of shapes and styles.

Different materials offer even more options. Faux wood or composite shutters allow a sophisticated look with worry-free maintenance. Most high-end composite shutters are purposely crafted to resist scratching and other damage, with the versatility to be custom manufactured to meet any scenario.

Blackout shades

Blackout shades are true to their name—they provide maximum light blockage for specific purposes such as meeting rooms, child nurseries, and bedrooms with lots of natural light. One of the more popular varieties of blackout shades is cellular because of their great looks, easy installation, and effectiveness at keeping a room in the dark. Cellular shades are also very easy to order custom fit to most any window.

Room darkening shades are similar but do not completely cancel all light. They come in many styles and options for various stages of light control.