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When to Choose Blackout Window Treatments


There are a lot of window treatments on the market today that provide good looks and quality prices, but the essence of any blind, shade, or shutter is in its ability to do three things. First and most important is that window treatments should provide a measure of privacy and disconnect with the outside world. When a shade is drawn, no one should be able to see what is going on inside your home. Some window treatments, like curtains, should be paired with other dressings to provide this effect. Next on the list of essentials is that a window treatment should provide some measure of temperature control. The window is one of the least fuel efficient parts of the house and over half of all heating and cooling energy is lost through the windows each year. If you want to keep the bill down, you need to pick out a variant of window treatment that will solve this. There are many that can. Finally though, we have the last vital component of practical window treatments. Light control. The ability of a window dressing, a shade, blind, or shutter, to allow for exactly the right amount of light to enter a room from the outside at any desired time. Some window treatments offer slight light filtration, allowing a soft light to enter the room even when fully drawn. In dining rooms, this can create a beautiful ambience that everyone can appreciate. In other rooms though, such as the bedroom, or living room, less light may be desired. In a bedroom, it’s quite simple.

Blackout shades are extremely useful for those who work late and get up later than the sun, or those who have some manner of sunlight sensitivity. Those who work late at night or even if you just desire to sleep in on the weekends, blackout shades can provide needed comfort on those late mornings. Babies and small children will appreciate that they can sleep soundly, even in the middle of the day with blackout shades providing cover for their rooms. On the other hand, you have living rooms, where the family gathers, plans, relaxes, and even on occasion works. Having good light control in the living room can mean all the difference in the afternoon when you need to get rid of the glare on your computer or TV. If you want the best picture possible, being able to shut out all light is a great option for a family movie night.

As for options on what window treatment to pick, there are many. Most typical styles of window treatment have some variant of blackout capability. Whether you want to use the versatile roman shades, the practical cellular shades, or even a different window treatment like drapes, there are an endless list of possible designs and customization options to choose from. Just pick out your favorite window treatment, one that is right for the room, and see if it has a blackout variant. Odds are good that it will and that it will fit perfectly in your room, whether it is your bedroom, living room or other space.