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When to Replace Your Window Treatments

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As the spring begins to wane and summer’s warmth is coming into full effect, it may be the time to consider buying a new set of window treatments. Whether there is considerable damage, discoloration, or another matter, window treatments can become less of a feature or accent to your room, enhancing the beauty and natural charm of the space, and may stick out as a sore thumb, in all the worst ways. What should be the cutting off point, between maybe getting a new set of window treatments, and in definite need of a new set? There isn’t a huge difference between the former and the latter, but that small change in thought can mean a lot when you want to bring your home up to term.

If you believe the room is going out of style, and want to update your space so that you can impress your friends and have a more comfortable space to live and work in, it may be time to get a new set of window treatments. This isn’t a vital reason to go out and buy new window treatments, but the change can be good for the state of the room, your house’s resale value, and the level of comfort you can derive from being there. Likewise, if you are having difficulty working with your window treatments, such as having heavy drapes that drag when you try to open them, or blinds that don’t open and close evenly and easily, it might be a good idea to look into a new set of window treatments, perhaps a set of window shades, which are generally easier to work with. Finally, if you have bought a new house and notice that the functionality of the current window treatments don’t fit their respected spaces, it may be time to get some new ones. Wooden blinds or shutters in bathrooms and kitchens will warp and bend from the moisture, while having thin shades on the east side of your home may result in the sun’s glare interrupting your sleep every morning.

If there are times where it is a good choice to change out your window treatments, then there are also times where the window treatments are beyond help and replacements are desperately needed. One of the easiest of tells of when window dressings should be replaced is damage. Whether that is broken or bent slats on blinds and shutters, tears and rips on drapes, curtains, or shades, or severe water damage on wooden window treatments. All these mean that the old window treatment detracts from your room and your house in general. Buying a new set may be necessary depending on the level of damage involved. Finally, there is a very simple reason to buy new window treatments. You have new windows! Whether they are the same size, an expansion, or downsizing the windows, this is always an excellent opportunity to update your sets.

While there are a lot of different reasons to pick out new window treatments, there are even more window treatments available on the market today. Picking out a set that works for you and your space is a matter of taking a look. Online or in store, there is a wide selection that will help you update your home with ease.