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Which Solar Shades Are Right For You; A Comparison Of Manufacturers

It’s the afternoon in the middle of July and you’ve just gotten back from a day on the beach. The waves were calming, the water was warm and felt just right, and there was sand down your swimming wear, all in all, a perfect day. Ending the day off, you just want to come home, relax your body into your couch, and kick your feet up. Fortunately, you’ve just bought some solar shades to prevent the glare of the sun from further attacking your burnt out, and not a little burnt up, body. These reliable shades prevent the sun’s rays from entering your home, and allow you a little piece of mind after a long and luxurious day. There are many different styles and varieties of solar shades to choose from, each with its own unique benefits, such as blackout shades or filtering shades, motorized or cord controlled, and they all come in an assortment of colors. There is also a choice that most people don’t think about when they first decide to buy solar shades. Which manufacturer works best for your new window treatment. Three of the most popular and common choices are Graber, Hunter-Douglas, and Comfortex.

Graber, Comfortex, and Hunter-Douglas all work with materials and designs of the highest qualities, so the choice between them can be slim. The three manufacturers are able to offer their shades with a variety of styles and colors, and fit them to any size window. All three are able to offer long-lasting arrangements that come with multiple customization options like motorization or blackout shade configurations. Each company does excel in certain respects when compared to their competitors though.

Graber was founded in 1939 and is now the second largest manufacturer in the world. Graber shades are best known for their reliability and durability, going so far as to offer a limited lifetime warranty with most certified retailers. They are extremely confident that their shades will last for their customers. If you care for the environmental impact of your purchases, Graber is also an excellent choice for this reason. Their products are made using practices focused on best using renewable energy and recyclable materials. Graber makes sure that their windows treatments offer great energy conservation and insulation to better prevent loss of money and power.

Hunter-Douglas is considered the top of the line brand for any window treatment. Winning many awards for their quality products and styles, very few can compete with Hunter-Douglas’ prestige as top of the class. Out of the three competitors, Hunter-Douglas probably will always have the best quality, if only by the narrowest of margins. That said, this quality comes with a larger price tag as well. Compared to Graber and Comfortex, Hunter-Douglas Shades cost quite a bit more. However, buying top of the line quality is often-times worth the top of the line price tag.

Last but not least is Comfortex, which like the other challengers, offers high quality products for stellar window treatments. While not as high quality as Hunter-Douglas, nor holding themselves to the high standard of environmental practices that Graber does, what sets Comfortex apart from the rest would be their customization options. Want an action superhero to pop out of the shade every time it opens? Comfortex has an option for that. This manufacturer can add nearly any design to the front of the shade, giving it more personalization options than the other two combined.