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Which Window Treatments are Right for Odd Windows in Your Home?

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While typical square or rectangular windows are certainly easy to cover with a wide array of window treatments, there’s something truly eye-catching about the addition of odd windows like circular, arched, triangular, or trapezoidal shapes, as well as skylights, transoms, bay, bow, or garden windows, and more.

These unusual windows add a whopping dose of personality to your space and help to make your architecture unique.  Unfortunately, it may not be easy to find suitable window treatments to help you control lighting and privacy concerns.  Which window treatments are right for the odd windows in your home?  Here are a few options to explore.

Oversized Outside Mount Treatments

As with a covering for any window, the easiest option may be to cover the window and surrounding wall space wholesale, and this is fairly easy to do with nearly any type of window treatment, from drapes, to shades, to blinds.  The only one that may not prove ideal is shutters, which tend to work better as an inside mount treatment, inset in the window frame.

Drapes are bound to be the easiest and most affordable option, and perhaps also the most attractive.  Every type of window treatment, when closed, will cover the oddly shaped window without looking strange in the least, provided there is sufficient wall space around the window to accommodate a traditional outside mount window treatment (i.e. one that is rectangular).

However, when curtains are open, they provide a frame for the window, which makes for an attractive display and a focal point.  While roll up shades, Roman shades, and horizontal and vertical blinds will also look lovely and unobtrusive when closed, they may draw more attention when opened and look out of place next to an odd window.

Custom Fitted Solutions

The only snag you might run into when it comes to using standard outside mount window treatments is if you don’t have enough horizontal wall space to attach them above the window.  You’re also going to have trouble with skylights when you take this approach.

The alternative is to opt for custom fitted solutions that mount inside the oddly-shaped window frame.  You’re likely to find that custom blinds are your best bet here, and there are a couple of reasons why.

One is that blinds can be cut and fashioned into any shape and still retain full functionality when it comes to opening and closing.  In addition, accordion blinds have the unique ability to spread or compress independently on either side.  For a semicircular window, this allows for a fan-like appearance that covers the window perfectly without sacrificing function.

The main benefit of choosing custom fitted, inside mount window treatments for your odd windows is that it allows you to control natural light and privacy while still showing off these unique architectural features in your home.  Custom treatments will cost you more, but if you purchased a home for its charm and character, it’s worth the extra expense to show it off.

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