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Which window treatments will block the most light from your home?

Designer Roman Shades

We all love for natural sunlight to permeate our windows and make our homes feel more open and airy. But if you have a room or multiple rooms that receive a harsh amount of sun at certain points in the day, it’s time to consider installing window treatments that will give you more light control and allow you to enjoy every part of your home. For people with light sensitivities, too much sun in a room can be debilitating.  For others, too much light from street lamps and passing cars at night can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. Whatever your concern is, there are just some rooms in a home that you prefer to keep nice and dark.

Window coverings serve a greater purpose than simply adding style to your space. They also help homeowners control light and privacy, enhance energy efficiency, and even provide insulation during the hot summer months and colder seasons. Curtains, draperies, shutters, blinds, and shades are all options for window treatments. But, if you want to block the most light from your home, there are a few options for homeowners that really hit the mark!

Before making any decisions about window treatments, it’s necessary to consider how you expect the room to function. For example, bedrooms and media rooms are meant to be kept a little darker, whereas common spaces like the living room or kitchen should get more daylight.

If you’re looking to block out the most light possible in certain spaces, here are a few options to start researching:

Roller Shades

Roller shades (also known as solar shades) are highly effective at filtering light, but still allow you to enjoy the views right outside your window. There are a wide variety of options available in different colors and opacity levels, so you can make the selection that works best for your room. Roller shades are by far one of the most effective window treatments for blocking the sun, which means they work great in bedrooms. You can even pair your roller shades with a curtain or another window treatment to maximize light blackout.

Blackout Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are available in many different styles, from mesh to blackout options.  The mesh material lets more sunlight into the space, while blackout cellular shades are specifically designed to keep out bright light coming from the exterior of your home.

Drapes and Curtains

Drapes and curtains give homeowners the benefit of light blockage with the luxury of adding unique textures, patterns, and colors to complement your home’s architecture and design. Sheer materials are perfect for letting in tons of natural light. But for anyone who desires a completely dark room, add a blackout liner to enhance light blockage capabilities.

Blinds and Shutters

While blinds and shutters can be effective at blocking exterior light and adding privacy to your space, not every option is necessarily appropriate. For example, vinyl blinds, even when closed fit loosely on window openings and tend to still let in some light. Custom-cut blinds will ensure that full coverage is provided to block light more effectively. Plantation blinds are another great option since they are designed using wider slats. As a result, they are much more effective at blocking light than vinyl options.