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Why Durability is So Important When Choosing Commercial Window Blinds

Hunter Douglas Luminette

When choosing blinds for your office, retail, hospitality, or other commercial setting, you naturally spend some time considering the aesthetics, so that the products you choose complement and elevate existing décor.  You also need to make sure these window coverings meet practical needs for light control and so on.

However, you can’t forget about the importance of durability when it comes to window blinds.  Why is it so critical to pick window treatments that offer the greatest longevity?  Here’s what you should know.

They Get a Lot of Use

Commercial blinds are bound to get a lot of use.  They may be opened and closed multiple times each day, depending on your needs.  Blinds that you open when you enter the office in the morning could get closed to cut afternoon glare while you work or conduct meetings.

In addition, there will likely be multiple people adjusting the blinds, and some of them may not be as careful as you’d like.  This is especially true in commercial settings like restaurants, where customers may feel perfectly at ease adjusting blinds, or worse, letting their kids play with the pull cord.

Regardless of the setting, commercial blinds will take a lot of abuse, and they need to stand up to the assault.  Durable blinds will be those designed to withstand such circumstances.  Unless you want the cost and hassle of constant repair or replacement, durability is a must.

Protect Your Bottom Line

In any business decision, the bottom line is a factor you can’t afford to ignore.  While you might spend a little more up front for durable blinds, you’ll save in the long run when you don’t have to replace shoddy blinds that offer a shorter life cycle.  Durable blinds will not only continue to meet your functional needs, despite rough usage, but they’ll remain attractive longer, helping you to support a professional and appealing brand image.

Blinds or other décor that wear out quickly will raise questions about the credibility of your business, so you really can’t afford to keep them around.  To preserve your image and reputation as an industry leader without spending a ton of money on replacement blinds, choose durable options that offer the longevity you expect.

Maintain an Attractive and Productive Environment

Nothing looks less professional than a commercial setting that’s worse for the wear.  If your blinds end up dirty and damaged, they’re going to impact the way people see your business, including employees, business partners, and possibly customers, depending on the commercial setting.

You want your décor to impress anyone who enters your commercial space.  Window treatments need to be clean, attractive, and intact to preserve the professional appearance of your interior.  If they quickly fall apart, they’ll impact your ability to create a good first impression.

This means you’ll have to repair or replace them, which could be costly.  It’s wise to choose durable window blinds that are attractive and easy to clean and maintain for years to come. This ensures that you’ll put your best foot forward and you’ll enjoy an environment with high morale and productivity.