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Why homeowners and designers alike love plantation shutters

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Homeowners and designers alike love plantation shutters for the pop they give even the drabbest rooms, and the ease with which homeowners can maintain light and temperature in their homes. Plantation shutters are a fantastic option in home design. Here are some reasons why homeowners and designers love them.


Light control is an important consideration when deciding what kind of window treatment you want in your home. In terms of light control, no other window treatment beats plantation shutters.

The adjustable louvers on plantation shutters let homeowners decide how much light they want or need in their home at any given time. With a simple adjustment, a homeowner can block out hot sunlight, cooling a room significantly during the day. Adjusting your plantation shutters can also help you moderate how light or dark the room is, essential for activities like napping.

How much light is let into a room can also help preserve your other furnishings. You can adjust your plantation shutters so that direct sunlight does not fall on your wooden furniture or artwork, which will decrease fading over time.

Lastly, plantation shutters’ ease of adjustment affords the homeowner unparalleled privacy. When your options are either blocking out all the natural light in a room by pulling the shades or curtains or exposing yourself and the interior of your home to prying eyes, that’s not much of a choice. With plantation shutters, you can determine how much light you want or how much privacy you need, and adjust the louvers accordingly.

Installation and maintenance

Plantation shutters are very easy to install and maintain. This probably was not true of the original shutters of ancient Greece as these were made of marble and were set in a fixed position.

Today’s shutters, however, are made of lightweight, flexible, modern materials. They are easy to install. When they get dusty, a rag and a mild cleaning solution are all you need to make them look brand-new again.


Plantation shutters are like a blank canvas. There are so many different design options for plantation shutters that they are both functional parts of your windows as well as an aesthetic part of your interior design theme.

You can choose them in contrasting colors to make a statement, or choose shutters the same color as your walls to set off the window or your view. You can even opt for shutters made of a particular material that is resistant to humidity and higher temperatures, making these a great choice for a bathroom.


The last great benefit of choosing plantation shutters as your window treatment is that they are cost-effective, and they also help reduce utility bills over time. With the ability to regulate the light coming into your house, you can also modify the temperature within your house. This can reduce your heating and cooling costs over time.

Talk to professionals like those with The Blinds Side. These experts will help you decide which plantation shutters are best suited for your needs.