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Why To Buy Shutters For A New Boston Home

Hunter Douglas Shutters

There are a lot of choices out there for new window treatments to compliment homes in the Greater Boston area. No one choice is the perfect one for all living spaces; each individual or family will lean to what suits their life and style the best.  Perhaps, if the room is sleek and modern, with lighter blue or gray hues and contemporary furniture, some cellular shades would be a fantastic addition to tie the room together. On the other hand, if you want a more opulent or fancy look, drapes and curtains that come in many different patterns and fabrics may be the best option to flatter your space . Traditional and classical style could be best suited for roman shades, providing easy  control of outside light. Then there is the option of interior shutters, one that is stately and refined, bringing class and structure to a room. -. Rather than the modernity of honeycomb shades, or the age-old look of roman shades, shutters provide an aura of elegance and sophistication.

The buyer should keep in mind that interior shutters come in a fewer styles, and may not have the width and breath of color and design combinations that shades, curtains or blinds do. However, they make up for this downside with an unmatched grace and elegance in style and are perfect if one wants to mix and match different formats  of window treatments together. Shutters and either curtains, shades or blinds make excellent combinations that add affordable value to the home. Most shutters can be made from either composite materials or natural wood. The suave appearance of a real wood  is not only an attractive look, but is durable and will last for years with minimal maintenance. For bathroom or kitchens, composite materials last longer in humid environments without rotting or warping. Composite materials are more cost effective and could help  a budget option for furnishing an entire house with shutters. Shutter materials choices and  different style options can fit any budget, window, or approach to the room.

Plantation shutters  are first variety, one most commonly thought of, and are also called full height shutters. These shutters go the length of the window from top to bottom, and open as one piece, rather than separate parts that are fitted together. This style creates an open and clean look, adding a flourish to the space as well as sophistication. A great shutter for mixing with other window treatments would be the cafe style shutters. These shutters wouldn’t  cover the full window, only covering up  the bottom half of the window height . This prevents others from looking inside the house, but leaves the top free for light and views of the Boston skyline. Roman shades, or perhaps curtains, go great with this design, taking over where the shutter leaves off. Finally, there is the tier-on-tier style shutter, which is a pseudo-combination of both the plantation shutters and the cafe shutters. These shutters appear at first glance like plantation shutters, but are more similar to cafe shutters stacked on top of one another. The bottom part and top part are capable of movement free from each other, allowing the top one to be opened for increased light, or the bottom for a beautiful New England view. There is no wrong choice when it comes to shutters, only which choice works best in the space, or how to change the room to fit the new sophisticated look that shutters bring.