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Wooden Window Treatments for the New Year

Roman Shades

As we head into the coming year and leave behind much of the graft and drab of the old year, it may seem like the perfect time to revitalize our homes and work spaces, bring in some light and color, and more importantly, some warmth. It’s a little different for everyone, we all have different tastes, but I think we can all agree that we need a bit of a renewal. One way to help breathe some life in our rooms is with a bit of renovation. Changing out the old and tired window treatments of yesteryears and replacing them with some a bit more fancy looking, a bit more comforting, and maybe bring back a bit of style and light. Wooden window treatments can change the feel of an entire room, reinventing the area.

There are several choices to make when picking out the perfect wooden window treatment for your home. One of the easiest to pick is whether or not you want to use natural wood, or pick out a composite material. Both have their advantages that would go a long way in refurbishing your space. Real wood is a bit more expensive, but the natural warmth and look go a long way to creating that perfectly comfortable living space. Composite materials on the other hand are much less expensive and are more resistant to warping and bending, making the material perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, where the humidity could damage real wood. Then it is a matter of whether you want to keep the wood’s natural color, with a simple stain and finish, or have painted wood for the space. Painted wood is versatile, fitting many styles and designs, as it can match the look you are going for. That said, there is little chance that the look of natural wood will not stand out brilliantly.

Not just the materials, there is also a great variety of choices when it comes to the design of the window treatments themselves. There are wooden shades, shutters and blinds, with lots of variety in wood materials and styles. Woven wood shades are different from all the rest, a definite eye-catcher for your home or office, with a warm appearance and rustic look, they can lighten the sun’s harsh glare. If you want style and luxury, wooden shutters are both and more, adding a classical appeal and old school flavor to the space. These shutters create a warm and inviting atmosphere that facilitate a sense of calm and relaxation. Or you may want some beautiful wooden blinds, with superb light control and quality appeal. Those that want to save money can turn to the composite and faux wood materials for their window treatments, but there is no replacing the warm look and appearance of real, natural wood.

Each option is attractive and easy to maintain. Real wood is durable and will stand up to harsh treatment better than fabric or plastic, while composites can work beautifully in areas where real wood may bend or warp. With all these advantages, there is no end to the possibilities brought out by using a natural material to bring warmth and color to your home.