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Woven Wood Shades; Natural Beauty

Woven Shades

There are many options out there for those who want to bring a little natural beauty into their home. There are beautiful wood floors and natural wood features that will bring some color and light to the room. Natural colors will add tranquility and serenity to a space, helping to push away oppressive feelings that may occur. Not only can natural wood be part of the floors and decorations, but the beautiful material can also be used to create space and control light with natural wood window treatments. Natural wood blinds and shutters are common uses of the material, but they also have a very uniform and closed appearance. Great for a rustic look, but there is so much more. That is why many are now looking to natural wooden shades for adding that little bit of nature back into their homes.

Woven wood shades are a great option to escape from the busy life of the city and suburban neighborhoods without having to leave the house. Paired with other natural features and accents, or as a symbol of the natural world, these shades add a pleasing set of tones and hues to living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms, without sacrificing light control or privacy. The style of weave has a great impact on the amount of light filtration, which is the amount of light that is allowed to pass through a shade to brighten a room. A looser weave protects privacy, but allows for more natural light to enter the home, while a tight weave can be used to darken the space, helping with sleep and preventing unneeded awakenings from the light of the morning. Or use them in an office setting to increase relaxation and help with productivity. The natural light and beauty of woven wood will focus the mind and calm the body, making it easier to think and work.

There are quite a few options for materials in woven wood shades, but two of the most popular available are bamboo and jute. Both bamboo and jute are inexpensive materials that are easy to grow and manufacture and make for affordable yet durable construction materials. Both materials are also environmentally friendly, as both are biodegradable and have a smaller impact on the ecology with their growth and subsequent harvesting. Bamboo is very fibrous for its land use and size, and grows extremely quickly when compared to trees, seeing as the material is in fact a grass. This makes it a perfect choice for the ecologically friendly buyer. Jute is also a popular choice with a range of properties that make the substance useful. Jute is known for its insulating attributes, keeping the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The material has a high tensile strength allowing for heavier usage with window treatments.

Jute and Bamboo aren’t the only materials for the manufacturing of woven wood shades. There are a variety of straws, rattan, and other natural grasses that can be used in the production of woven shades. Each brings with them a sense of the outside world, without all the little annoyances that are actually in it, like mosquitos, humidity and excessive heat.