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Features and Accents; How Best to Utilize Window Treatments

Window Treatments

Picking out the right style of window treatment is not only a matter of finding the right sized blinds or matching a color to the paint on the wall. A good choice in window dressings is when it either accentuates the standout pieces in the room, or it pops as a feature all on its own. Choosing this is a bit more difficult, but the end result is all that more satisfying when you can take a moment to appreciate the beauty that you have created in your space.

First, a small explanation on the matter of features and accents. Features are parts of the design of the room that draw the eye and focus. Common features include furniture and art pieces that are spread out throughout the space, though many also involve their fireplace or even TV if they are large and grandiose enough. You’ll always want a few features in the room, of which window treatments can be a great addition. On the other side, there are accents. These are design choices that are meant to assist the features in some capacity. They aren’t always as eye-catching, but are just as important as features in fully dressing a room.

When picking out your future window treatment, be sure about whether you want them to accentuate well-placed parts of the room, or if you want them to stand out on their own and grab attention. A good feature window treatment leads the style of the room, with sharp, bright colors and patterns and has components that stand out and are easily noticeable. A great feature window treatment is stacked roman shades. These shades are beautiful, regardless of whether they are drawn open or pulled down. Drawn open, stacked roman shades have magnificent folds, while pulled down, they often have charming designs and clever weaves that mean this versatile window treatment looks good no matter how it’s used. Another great option for a feature window dressing are shutters. Shutters are normally made from wood or composite wood, and have appealing traditional quality that makes them very charming. Easily fitted to any size window, these window treatments can come in a variety of styles and appearances. They can be opened in separate ways as well, increasing light and privacy control for your home.

Sometimes though, we want our window treatments to help the rest of the room, to accent a new art piece or theme. There are a near limitless amount of choices when it comes to fitting an appropriate window dressing to the house. Roller shades are an elegant choice for promoting different styles or themes. Use a light tan or grey to give a room some feeling of space and light, or a light blue to provide a background feel of being ona beach when paired with a sandy wood finish. Cellular shades are another excellent choice, a window treatment of practicality, with superb temperature control. If your room has a draft, these affordable window treatments will trap air in the series of pockets in order to regulate the temperature of your home.

With all this in mind, it can be fun to try and experiment with different selections of accents and features for your new home. Pick a theme for a room and think on how your choice of window treatment can benefit other features or benefit from other accents in the room.