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Hunter Douglas Originals

Nursery Roman Shades

There are a lot of different companies out there manufacturing window treatments, some are more local than others, while some have international claims to fame and award-winning designs that are known throughout the world. Many of us probably have some design built by these companies blocking out the light of our homes and workplaces right now. Companies like Graber, Comfortex and Crown all make durable, long lasting and stylish products, but perhaps the undisputed king of blinds, shades and shutters is Hunter Douglas. Founded in 1919 after World War I, Hunter douglas is known for its stunning and innovative window covering designs and styles. Whether it is improving on older designs or developing entirely new types of window treatments, Hunter Douglas is known to be able to attach their name and brand to the newest trends through their own creative manufacturing. This award-winning quality does mean that the price tag attached to Hunter Douglas blinds, shades, and shutters are slightly higher than their competitors, but they are worth that increase. The quality of the materials and the workmanship that comes from having a hunter douglas window dressing is  worth every extra penny spent.

Looking to add a sleek set of lines to the room, then look no further than the Skyline collection, Hunter Douglas has vertical blinds that will compliment and accentuate the modern look of any room in the home or office. These blinds are interspersed with rich fabrics, beautiful textures and a wide variety of vibrant and subtle colors to allow for a multitude of customization options for whatever space they are used in. These blinds are part of an economical and affordable set that will compliment the space, and differentiate the space from everywhere else.

Hunter Douglas shutters on the other hand come in three distinct styles, that they have coined the Heritance, Palm Beach, and Newstyle collections. These handsome and classic shutters can fit any style or theme wanted. Whether it’s a classic plantation look, or more of a beach house theme, Hunter Douglas has the right shutter set. The Heritance collection is perfect for the luxurious and modern sensibilities, while the Palm Beach collection is tough, able to withstand the harsh UV rays that come from owning a house on the water. Finally, the hybrid Newstyle collection pairs strength and traditional appeal with their modern finishes to prevent the worst damages.

Finally, from Hunter Douglas’ collection of shades, we have one of the best utility window treatments available on the market today. Hunter Douglas Duettes are a style of cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades for their distinctive appearance. With half of all heat being lost through the window each year, these shades can cut down on heating bills with their patented dual layered fabric rolls, shaped like the quintessential honeycomb. This traps air between the two layers of fabric, insulating the house and preventing air heat from moving into or out of the room through the windows.

So no matter what Hunter Douglas window covering is chosen, it is assured that the materials, manufacturing process and design will all be top-notch quality.