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Window Treatments for Life and Living

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There are multiple possible styles of decor to choose from when there is a need for fresh new ideas and looks for your home. Finding the best decorations, features, and accents is important to bringing the look together. If you want to go with a modern new age look, bright, light colors contrasted by darker art and furniture will emphasize the contemporary appearance of the room. If you want to go for a more luxurious or classical look, rich colors contrasted by darker wood furniture will make a space look grand and opulent. There are even styles that trend toward a certain feeling or place that you may wish to emulate, the beach, garden, or forest, where the colors are soft, striking, or bold. After picking out the style, the paint and the furniture, it is also time to pick out the window treatments.

Window treatments are a great way to add to the style of the room, without going over any kind of budgetary restrictions that you may have in place. Shades, blinds, drapes, and curtains all have something to add to accent the style of the room, with many being able to be a main feature as well. What does this mean? An accent is a piece of furniture or decor that is meant to be subtle, to not catch the eye outright, but rather accentuate the room’s other features. A feature on the other hand is meant to catch the eye. These are conversation pieces, bold decor and furniture that will draw the eye. Art pieces, paintings and even fireplaces are staple features. How do window treatments fit in? For decoration, window treatments can be a splash of color along the walls, breaking the uniformity and providing much needed shade to the room. Shades and blinds work best as accents, their color inconspicuous so that they highlight, rather than detract, from other parts of the room’s decorations. That’s not to say that there aren’t excellent styles of shades and blinds that will draw the eye, such as folded roman shades or real wood blinds. These window treatments can help realize a style, working in conjunction with the rest of the room. Drapes, and shutters are both unusual choices for the modern home, ones that will draw the eye in and frame the window to accentuate the background outside.

Picking out the right window treatments, not only for the decoration of the room but also the style and feel of the room. Whether you choose shades or drapes, curtains or blinds, the important thing to remember is to tie in the window treatment with the rest of the room, rather than leave it as an afterthought that will stand out, and not in a good way. It’s okay to flex the creative muscles, with plenty of custom options that will fit any space, window treatments make for a reliable, low maintenance method to increase the beauty and value of your home.