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Which Window Treatments are Best for High Humidity Rooms?

Window Treatment Specialist
Some climates have high humidity, and if you live in an older home or you have yet to upgrade to double-paned glass to make your home more airtight and energy efficient, you might suffer some amount of moisture indoors.  Then there are rooms in the home that experience moisture by simple virtue of their purpose,…

When is it Time to Change Out Window Treatments?

Window Treatment Specialist
Some people like to update their interior design frequently to keep up with changing trends.  If you’re not made of money, though, you’ve probably taken a more frugal approach to décor.  Still, you don’t want to suffer window coverings that don’t work and/or make your home interior feel hopelessly outdated.  Here are a few signs…

The Most Common Home Design Mistakes People Make with Windows

Window Treatment Specialist
Selecting and installing window treatments doesn’t sound particularly taxing, but you only have to live with the wrong window covering for a while to realize that making the right choices in the beginning can save you a lot of time, trouble, and money.  Here are just a few common design mistakes homeowners make when choosing…

The Many Benefits of Commercial Solar Shades

Window Treatment Specialist
Whether your business is located in a predominantly sunny region or you only tend to experience extreme heat during the summer months, you probably have need of window treatments that help to protect employees and customers from the sun’s rays entering your establishments.  There are several options to choose from, including drapes, blinds, and shutters,…

How to Use Office Blinds to Improve the Feel of Your Work Environment

Window Treatment Specialist
Versatile blinds come in dozens of styles, materials, and finishes to suit both residential and commercial customers, including corporate offices in need of window treatments for light control and interior design enhancement.  When you choose the right blinds, you can also make an impression and improve productivity. How does this happen?  How can your chosen…

How Commercial Blinds Can Improve Your Office Lighting

Window Treatment Specialist
Lighting is an important element of the office environment, from both practical and aesthetic standpoints.  In terms of pure functionality, employees need adequate lighting to operate safely and complete their work.  This lighting could come from both electric and natural sources. However, certain types of lighting can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the environment,…

Choosing Office Shades: 4 Factors to Consider

Window Treatment Specialist
With so many options to choose from, shades can be a versatile addition to office settings.  Whether you like a simple, pull-down shade in different colors or patterns, you want a natural shade that lets light filter through, you appreciate the soft, voluminous folds of a Roman shade, or you’re keen to keep the sun…

5 Reasons You Should Upgrade to Shutters

Window Treatment Specialist
Perhaps you’re moving into a new home and you need practical and attractive coverings for every window. Or maybe your old home or office window treatments have become outdated, damaged, or no longer suitable for your needs. Either way, it’s only natural to become overwhelmed by the vast scope of available window treatment options to…

Why homeowners and designers alike love plantation shutters

Window Treatment Specialist
Homeowners and designers alike love plantation shutters for the pop they give even the drabbest rooms, and the ease with which homeowners can maintain light and temperature in their homes. Plantation shutters are a fantastic option in home design. Here are some reasons why homeowners and designers love them. Flexibility Light control is an important…

Tips and tricks for decorating your home with wooden blinds

Window Treatment Specialist
Wooden blinds lend your living space a vintage, earthy, clean look. They are an excellent choice for window treatments because they are versatile, cost-effective, and practical. They are also great for Asian-inspired decors, but if you live in an environment that’s high in humidity, you should consider faux wood finish blinds as these will respond…

The benefits of having plantation shutters in winter

Window Treatment Specialist
Warmer days are just around the corner. Although the advent of spring may make you want to forget the season of winter altogether, it will come around again soon enough. And when winter does raise its icy head, you’ll want to be ready. If you are thinking about new window treatments and are considering some…
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